Rodney Weber

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Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry

School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0340
phone (404) 894-1750
fax (404) 894-5638

Research and Teaching Topics

Tropospheric aerosol particles: sources and fates of air pollutants with a focus on Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) and Water-Soluble Organics, aerosol dynamics, regional air quality, health effects, and particle radiative properties.

Development of particle measurement systems: measurements of fine and coarse particle color, chemical composition and oxidizing potential. Instrumentation development for chemical speciation and measurement of color of water-soluble organics and the development of systems for measuring reactive oxygen species (ROS) of both gases and particles for health-effect studies.

Current Research Projects

1. Emory/Georgia Tech Collaboration: Multi-Scale Assessment of Health Effects of Air Pollution Mixtures Using Novel Measurements and Models (SCAPE, for more details goto

2. Investigating Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation (SOA) in the South Eastern US through simultaneous measurements of gas and particle concentrations, involving a novel PILS-AMS-CCN and a host of other instrumentationf ( SOAS, for more information goto - NSF.

3. Measurements light absorbing carbon (i.e., brown carbon) in the free troposphere (DC-3 and SEAC4RS missions, see - NASA .

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